Use and maintenance of high and low temperature humidity test chamber

  • 2022-10-20 10:53:29
With the introduction of personnel in the military, aerospace, marine and other fields of work, many gears work in higher temperature, temperature and humidity detection chambers. In this case, the equipment will face higher challenges. The stability of the gear has a significant impact on the function of the gear.

The high and low temperature test chamber is used to test the functionality of materials in aerospace and marine products under high temperature, damp heat and other environments. Its structure and work theory have many peculiarities.

1. Use Temperature Humidity Chamber

Before conducting an environmental test chamber, it is actually necessary to master the properties of the tested sample, the experimental process, the experimental situation and the experimental technique. At the same time, it is actually necessary to master and utilize technological innovation from the gear, to see the structure clearly from the gear, especially the function and function from the control. At the same time, employees had to go through the function manual in detail several times to prevent functional problems that would render equipment generally inoperable, cause problems with inspection data, and damage samples throughout the inspection process. In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data in the game, it is actually necessary to choose the right equipment for your game. The selection of the high and low temperature humidity test chamber should be determined according to the actual situation of the experimental sample. There should always be a reasonable ratio between your research labs and the number of exam topics. When testing around heating trials, the volume level should be less than 10% of the experimentally calibrated loud volume. The unheated inspection test volume for a robust volume in a research laboratory should be 20%.

The positioning of the demo can not cause the oxygen wall plug and the oxygen wall plug to be blocked, and at the same time, keep a certain distance through the humidity sensing unit to ensure that the temperature is consistent throughout the game. .The following points should be paid attention to when using the high and low temperature humidity test chamber:

(1) During use, ensure that the high and low temperature humidity test chamber is safely grounded to prevent casualties caused by electrostatic induction.

(2) Do not interfere with the packaging by hand during the entire operation.

(3) Unless the front door of the containment chamber cannot be activated due to special motivation during the operation of the landing gear, subsequent adverse consequences may occur:

1) The temperature inside the front door is still very high

2) A lot of temperature and moisture will be flushed out of the holding chamber.

3) High temperature may cause fireplace alarm.

4) Lighting should be turned off unless required.

5) Try to avoid repeated opening within 15 minutes during the entire use process.

6) After the high and low temperature humidity test chamber works at low temperature, it is recommended to dehumidify the equipment at 60°C for half an hour, and then open the door to prevent the evaporator from getting cold or affecting the measurement period of subsequent tests.

7) During use, in order to ensure the safety of equipment and operators, the over-temperature cover and circuit breaker should be checked regularly.

8) In addition to full-time employees, professional electricians are also required to participate in the maintenance and evaluation of the equipment.

2. Repair and maintenance of common problems

Frequently Asked Questions about Maintaining High and Low Temperature and Humidity Chambers

In higher temperature detection, if the detection temperature does not reach the temperature required for detection, the electric program should be checked, and the cause of the fault should be eliminated one by one.

If the temperature is gradually increasing, check the air cycle program and observe the opening status from the dial inside the air cycle program.

If the temperature rises too fast, the rotation of the air circulation station must be detected. If the temperature rises too fast, the PID tuning parameters must be adjusted.

If the temperature rises instantaneously above the temperature safe, the control can be considered defective and the control instrumentation should be replaced as soon as possible.

As long as the low temperature does not meet the experimental requirements, it is actually necessary to observe the temperature change. It doesn't matter if the temperature rises immediately after dropping to a certain amount, or if the temperature gradually drops. The former is usually caused by difficult setup of drying equipment. The gear position and ambient temperature should be observed. If this does not meet the working demands of the gear, it should be adjusted as soon as possible. If the latter, the equipment should be checked to see if the research laboratory is free of moisture prior to the cryogenic test. If there is no moisture in the workshop, put the inspection sample into the research laboratory to see if it will be found that the research laboratory is loaded with too many samples, causing the research laboratory ventilation pattern to be substandard.

2.2 Gear Maintenance Content Materials

The main contents of gear maintenance include protective maintenance and predictive maintenance. In both forms of protective service, weekly maintenance tasks that must be done include cleaning the drip tray and the research lab body used to condense drinking water. Services required by consumers in specific areas include: cleaning humidified drinking water lines, flushing systems or methods to cool drinking water lines. Repairs that must be done every six months include cleaning the oxygen cooling unit (condenser), repairs that must be done annually, cleaning the liquid level inside the warm air humidifier, cleaning the AC contactor to maintain the electrical control cabinet. At the same time, the lubricating gas used by the compressor should be replaced every 2-3 years. Predictive service mainly includes weekly service, monthly service and quarterly service.

Weekly maintenance includes: checking the balance tension and suction and release tension of the compressor, checking the color of the gas in the compressor, checking the gas quality. Services are provided monthly. Check compressor discharge and suction power temperatures, water mirror and discharge temperatures in condensers, and temperature differences between inlet and outlet water in frosted drinking water pipes. Check the heating and cooling levels of the product. Check the operating status of the compressor motor unit quarterly.

Regular maintenance of equipment not only improves the Medicine Testing Chamber of the gear throughout its operation and the accuracy with which it is used, but also extends the auxiliary life of the equipment to several levels. Therefore, the focus in the future should be on the maintenance of the high and low temperature humidification chamber.

3. Judgment

The environmental protection incubator manufacturer is a special refrigeration equipment, and its use, maintenance and repair should start from refrigeration, electric control, energy engineering and so on. During use, the focus should be on using the function. When repairing, the faults that may be caused by the operation should be eliminated first, and then the faults existing in the gear itself should be repaired. After the gear fails, it should be repaired on the basis of perfecting the resident work theory of the gear. In addition, equipment maintenance must be completed before the due date, and equipment maintenance cannot be cancelled because the equipment has not been unsuccessful for a period of time.
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