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After-sales Service Terms of CHLabEquip drug stability test technology and oxygen permeation analyzer etc.

After-sales service guideline

1. Service position:CHLabEquip is a service-oriented technology company.

2. One time sales, long-term service.

3. Continuously improve customer satisfaction by providing first-rate service.

4. Value-added service is the direction of ongoing efforts.

5. Make service process more procedural, informational and standardized.

6. With hospitality, careful answers, detailed records, patiently explanation, timely treatment, regular return visits, in place training, normative operation, and punctuality, to earn customer satisfaction.

After-sales service goal

1. Provide excellent service to improve customer satisfaction; the order got from good service accounts for more than 35% of total order.

2. On-time delivery rate: 100%

3. Qualified rate of first time installation: 100%

4. Qualified rate of first time repair: 100%

5. Customer satisfaction rate:≥99%

6. Response time: Telephone complaint: respond within one hour and give solution within two hours.

Quality assurance measures and guarantee

All our products will be strictly in accordance with relevant national standards, company regulations, CE certification requirements, ISO9001 requirements and the requirements of our internal quality control processes. We strictly control the quality of each product from raw materials inspection, to testing and usage tracking of the core components, to assembly process, and to product storage inspection.

We adopt scientific testing method, advanced testing instruments and reliable certified reference materials, to test the sample materials in different groups repeatedly in order to inspect each end product.

We assure:

1. Same test condition, same test sample, the data repeatability of different groups is good.

2. Different test condition, different test sample, the result data has consistency with the result of certified reference materials.

3. Different test condition, different test sample, the result data has comparability with the result of National authoritative testing organization.

4. Every instrument has been testing for ≥5 working days and has no abnormal situations. We keep test records and files for every instrument.

5. Technical indicators of each product meet the requirements of international standards. In special conditions like high temperature, low temperature, vibration, instrument performs stably. Ensure that test data of each product is accurate and true.

6. The factory inspection report, quality report, calibration report of very product is real and valid, and has signatures of responsible staffs. We keep records for five years to assure traceability.

We are highly responsible for each instrument, never ambiguously let go of any problem products, and strive to achieve 100% pass rate. Setting customer satisfaction as goal, we devote to provide users with scientific, advanced and sophisticated flexible packaging testing instruments conformed to the international standards requirements.

Training and acceptance

To ensure better customer usage, we can provide on-site installation and training for some complicated instruments (see Appendix 1):

1. Preparation before engineer dispatch

After contract signature, at the same time of delivery, we will send a detailed installation preparation list via fax or e-mail, to tell customers required accessories. Customers send back after confirmation.

2. Dispatch of engineers

After receiving customers’ confirmation, we will dispatch engineers on the date as agreed with customers.

3. Inspection and acceptance

After the engineers arrived at customers’ places, the product are taken out of the box, together with customers and in accordance with the requirements and configuration in sales contract, engineers check whether accessories are complete and consistent with the packing list.

4. Work with a license: star-level service

When engineers receive dispatch notice, they will communicate with customers about routes and visit time. Engineers will work with licenses.

5. Preparation before installation

Put the instruments at reasonable places and based on the actual site. Clean the instruments with dedicated tools, and connect all instruments.

6. Training contents
a. Safety precautions of the instruments.
b. Working principle, functions, performance and correct operation (including calibration, revise, installation procedures and precautions in real testing).
c. The usage of the instruments and the correct method of operation (including calibration, installation steps, and precautions of operation).
d. Simple troubleshooting, repairmen, and failure recognition.
e. The daily maintenance method of the instruments.
f. Customers conduct self-operation according to learned methods, and engineers will exam whether the operators are qualified to operate the instruments.
g. The replacement and purchase method of quick-wear parts.

7. System testing

After all the training is completed, engineers test the performance, functionality and various parameters of the instruments. If there is any deviation, engineers will debug to comply with all the requirements and ensure the accuracy of the instrument.

8. Acceptance

After customers acquire all the operation methods, performance, and maintenance of the instruments, our engineers will require customers to refer to the manual, the national standard or other relevant standards for acceptance. After confirmation, customers evaluate our instruments quality, service quality, and the evaluation results are reflected in the acceptance sheet with customers’ signatures. One week after acceptance, our service representatives will pay telephone return-visit. If customers are dissatisfied with the work of the engineers, we will arrange engineers re-training at once.

9. Archive and return visit

After engineers come back to our company, our service representatives will archive acceptance sheet (each customer has independent file), and pay a return visit every two months.

10. Deal with complaint

Our service representatives will provide professional advice and answers and detailedly record into the file, and the first time arrange telephone engineer guidance. If necessary, we will arrange professional engineers to serve on site. Service representatives will regularly return visit.

11. Replacement of quick-wear parts

We will sell quick-wear parts to customers at the best price when customers need to replace those parts.

Products and services

1. Biological field: Environmental testing of new products using biotechnology. Provide precision equipment for experiments and tests to ensure product reliability.

2. Medical field: From syringes, vaccines to pacemakers, the medical industry needs to understand the limitations of temperature, use and storage, and the manufacturing and research and development of products need to be strictly controlled. We provide various environmental test boxes and test boxes for stability testing and storage of products or tools in the medical field to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

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