XCH Biomedical series refrigerators, including pharmaceutical refrigerator, medical refrigerator, medical freezer, according to different temperatures, it is used for storage and refrigeration of different items.

Such as preservation of medicines, reagents, vaccines, biological products, blood products, etc., especially for the stability of temperature-sensitive drugs testing and storage, we have individually designed low-temperature test chambers for stability testing and storage of such items, medical refrigerator and pharmaceutical refrigerator, besides, ultra-low temperature refrigeration or freezing, recommended use medical freezer.

We also accept customized service. Professional team to support special requests and provide custom solutions.

All medical refrigerators to meet regulations,quality assurance. And helping you meet standards and regulations related to refrigerated vaccine and medication storage.

  • medical refrigerator, pharmaceutical refrigerator
    Medical Grade Refrigerator
    XCH-MR series Medical Grade Refrigerator is mainly used to save drugs, reagents, vaccines, biological products and blood products, etc., temperature range is 2-8 ℃, the cooling system, digital temperature control system, air circulation system, temperature sensor, etc. Model: 800MR-2000MR Temperature Control: Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ±1℃ ,Temperature Deviation ≤ ±2.0℃ Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ Environment temperature: +5~35℃ Optional: Data storage and printing.SMS Alarm(With power off alarm) Multiple devices can share one mobile card
  • biomedical Freezers,medical freezer for vaccines,laboratory grade freezer
    Ultra low temperature compact medical refrigerator
    Ultra Low Temperature medical grade freezer inner tank is made of full-mirror stainless steel 304, which is free of pollution sources and easy to clean; it has an alarm system that meets GMP requirements; it has a data acquisition system that meets GMP requirements. It is equipped with a needle printer and U disk storage as standard. It is suitable for stability test and storage of temperature-sensitive drugs. Temp.Range: -15℃~-25℃ Environment temperature: 5~35℃ Fluctuation: ±0.5℃ Deviation: ±2.0℃ Power:AC 220V±10% 50HZ
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