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  • Deciding on the best walk-in stability test chamber
    • March 24. 2022

    Businesses purchase walk-in stability test chamber for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is size. Large or specially designed merchandise is not suitable for the size of your flooring product testing room, especially if you consider air flow (your merchandise volume and the number of workplaces are definitely one to three). Others choose walk-in stability test chamber to support large ...

  • Picking a Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerator
    • April 29. 2022
    Picking a Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerator

    Applicable area The placement of Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerators is essential. There needs to be enough space around the healthcare refrigerator for air circulation. For almost all vaccine refrigerators, about 30mm of clearance is required on each side of the refrigerator. Vaccine refrigerators come in a variety of designs, and they were developed to not require airflow gaps anyway. It's wise...

  • Medical refrigerators are important for storage of Covid-19 vaccines
    • November 25. 2022
    Medical refrigerators are important for storage of Covid-19 vaccines

    COVID-19 has brought massive changes to everyone's daily lives. Still, after almost 2 years of major hiatus, things appear to be finally improving. Part of the change is due to the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots to fight the pandemic. Because these vaccines are so important, it's important to store them properly so they can be effective against malware. In this article, you c...

  • Stability test chamber: the key to ensuring product stability and reliability
    • June 02. 2023

    In the field of modern industry, the stability and reliability of products are the key factors for the success of enterprises. In order to ensure the consistency of product performance under different environmental conditions, the stability test chamber becomes an indispensable tool. The stability chambers in pharmaceutical provides enterprises with a reliable test platform by simulating various e...

  • Constant climate chamber for pharmaceutical industry
    • June 16. 2023

    Although drug discovery has received much attention in the pharmaceutical industry, stability also plays an equally important role. Drugs must remain effective and safe for a long time after they leave the production facility. Ensuring this security requires a series of technologies and applications.   Stability and light stability testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished pro...

  • Stable test chamber: precise temperature control, widely used scientific tool
    • September 26. 2023

    Stability test chamber is a piece of equipment widely used in scientific research, industrial manufacturing and medical fields. Their main function is to provide precise temperature control and stability to ensure the accuracy of experiments and tests. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how stabilization test chambers work, their areas of application and their importance in differen...

  • Exploring Stability Test Chambers: Their Important Role in Scientific Research and Engineering
    • March 14. 2024

    Stability test chambers are a key piece of equipment in the fields of scientific research and engineering. They provide a controlled and stable environment for testing the stability and reliability of materials, products and equipment under different conditions. This article will deeply explore the functions, applications and future development trends of stability test chambers. What is a stabilit...

  • Application and characteristics of stability test chamber
    • March 29. 2024

    Stability test chamber is a common laboratory equipment that is widely used in various industries to simulate temperature and humidity under different environmental conditions to evaluate the stability and performance of products under different conditions. The following are the application areas and characteristics of the stability test chamber: Application areas Pharmaceutical industry: In the p...

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