Deciding on the best walk-in stability test chamber

  • 2022-03-24 14:32:30
Businesses purchase walk-in stability test chamber for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is size. Large or specially designed merchandise is not suitable for the size of your flooring product testing room, especially if you consider air flow (your merchandise volume and the number of workplaces are definitely one to three).

Others choose walk-in stability test chamber to support large numbers of products (such as large numbers of cell phones), or perhaps to allow technicians to see products up close during testing. The former solution can improve the test performance, the second solution can only be realized in a huge internal function place.

Walk-in stability test chamber can be customized based on size and shape, performance, air quality (if males and females remain in the holding chamber), and many other factors. You can also place an anteroom through the lab to be independent of the exam room location.

So while you can get the relevant performance in a floor-standing design (or desktop for example), you can only do this level of modification with a walk-in test hold chamber.


Shapes are almost endless so a large number of shelf positions/samples can be covered

One certification includes a large number of rack positions

Problems with walk-in test holding chambers tend to be more stable due to larger size


Stability lab failure can cause problems with large numbers of samples

Setup often requires design, gadget and refrigeration skills

Compressors increase the footprint or distance and therefore increase the price

Detection requires further probing

Spare parts may be unique to a specific design

They usually require a tertiary power source and a further source of water

The amount of time operators typically spend indoors may be limited for safety reasons

There are many considerations when researching walk-in stability test chamber. Buy with your huge investment capital and you can't ignore any details. Talk to your entire staff. Work obfuscates your testing needs. Most importantly, contact an experienced Stability Chamber Manufacturer who can provide you with a tailored option within your budget.

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