Choosing the best stability test chamber

  • 2022-03-10 16:19:08
There are many reasons why companies buy a walk-in stability testing chamber. The most obvious should be the size. Large or special-shaped products are not necessarily suitable for the scope of the ground model inspection room, especially considering the percentage of air flow (the volume of items and the number of task spaces are one to three).

Other manufacturers choose walk-in stability testing chamber to support a large number of projects (for example, thousands of mobile phones), and even allow engineers to observe the project up close during the evaluation process. The former case can improve inspection efficiency, while the latter case can only be realized in a larger internal working space.

Thewalk-in stability testing chamber can be customized according to the quantity and design, efficiency, air quality (if there are men and women in the room), etc. You can also set up the front hall laboratory with different test room spaces indoors.

Therefore, although you can find very similar efficiencies in ground models (or desktops for example), you can only make extensive modifications through the  walk-in stability testing chamber.


The size and style are almost unlimited, so a lot of shelf space/examples can be accommodated

Certified to handle large amounts of shelf space

Due to the large size, the conditions of the  walk-in stability testing chamber are very stable


A defective chamber can cause problems for many examples

Installment payments usually require development, electronics and cooling capacity

The compressor will increase the footprint or length, thereby increasing the cost

Identification requires more probes

Spare parts may be dedicated to specific development

They usually require three-phase intensity and other normal water supply

For good reasons of protection, the time the owner usually spends in the house may be the least

Tropical island space is a necessary footprint cost

There are many factors to consider when studying a Double door medical stability test chamber. With your large capital purchase, you cannot ignore any information. Talk to all your staff. Work hard to understand your assessment needs. Most importantly, contact a experienced stability test chamber manufacturer who can afford customized remedies.

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