How to operate the stability test chamber correctly

  • 2023-03-15 16:45:09
Stability chamber is a kind of stability test equipment used to simulate the stability of electronic products during long-term use under different environmental conditions. Correct operation can ensure the accuracy and stability of test results. Here are the steps on how to properly operate a stability test chamber:

Install the test box: Before installing the test box, you should carefully review the installation instructions of the test box, and make sure that it is stably installed in a dry, ventilated and vibration-free place. The power cord of the test chamber should be connected to a stable power outlet.

Set test parameters: set the temperature, humidity and time parameters of the test chamber according to the test requirements. It should be ensured that the parameters set meet the test standards and that the control system of the test chamber has accurately received these parameters.

Place the sample: place the sample to be tested in the test chamber, and make sure that the samples do not touch or stack each other. Before placing the sample, check whether the sample meets the test requirements, and whether the state of the sample meets the test requirements.

Start the test: Start the test chamber and start the test. During the test, the parameters of the test chamber should be monitored to ensure that they are always within the set value range.

Check the samples regularly: During the test, the status of the samples should be checked regularly. If the sample is found to be abnormal, the test should be stopped immediately and relevant information recorded.

Completion of the test: After the test, the parameters of the test box should be adjusted to the normal mode, and the sample should be taken out of the test box. Before the sample is removed, the status of the sample and the test results shall be recorded.

Data analysis: According to the test results, analyze the walk in test chamber of the samples under different environmental conditions, and formulate corresponding improvement measures.

When operating the stability test chamber, the following items should be paid attention to:

Do not expose the test chamber to direct sunlight or moisture.

Do not open the door of the test chamber during the test, so as not to affect the test results.

If the test box fails or is abnormal, stop the test immediately and seek professional technical support.

Before using the test box, you should understand its instructions and safety precautions, and operate the test box according to the requirements.

By operating the stability test chamber correctly, the accuracy and Medicine Testing Chamber of the test results can be ensured, and an important reference can be provided for product quality improvement.
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