Detailed description of laboratory drying oven

  • 2022-08-26 17:06:46
Vacuum oven manufacturer Thchamber laboratory drying oven, is a high temperature oven that is part of the equipment in most clinical, forensic, electronic, material processing and research laboratories. Laboratory drying ovens provide uniform and precise temperature control for functions such as heating, baking, evaporation, drying, sterilization and other industrial laboratory functions.

Laboratory drying oven temperatures typically range from ambient to over 200°C, meeting laboratory requirements for temperature uniformity, stability and accuracy, advanced protocol ovens can be used to meet such demanding requirements.

Laboratory Drying Oven Applications and Industries
Laboratory ovens or drying ovens are used in a wide range of applications in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and materials manufacturing. These industries often require the process of baking, curing, annealing and drying materials with different chemical and physical compositions. The end results of many of these process applications are unique and thus require various types of oven laboratory equipment.

Lab Drying Oven
The following functions are available, depending on the process required by the application.

The annealing process involves heating and then slowly cooling a material such as glass or steel to reduce internal stress and increase ductility. High temperature ovens are used in this process, commonly used in the metallurgical, medical device manufacturing and materials science industries. Annealed material can be cut and shaped more easily for the production of items such as syringes and catheters.

Curing involves hardening the chemical composition of a substance through a combination of drying and baking. The process is commonly used in polymer research, nanotechnology and the manufacture of epoxy resins, glues, plastics and rubbers in the semiconductor industry.

Drying is the removal of moisture from a sample, which is necessary for many environmental, biological, and clinical laboratories. Forced air and laboratory vacuum oven are used to dry easily decomposed samples because they remove moisture and lower the boiling point of water, allowing samples to dry at lower temperatures.

Sterilization involves the removal of bacteria or microorganisms and is often used to sterilize laboratory equipment. Laboratory ovens can be used to sterilize laboratory equipment and glassware. The ideal temperature needs to be at least 160°C and monitored at this temperature for 45 to 60 minutes.

A slow cooling period is then required, as removing items directly from the oven can cause them to crack, while gradual cooling prevents potentially harmful air from entering the oven. These items then need to be dried using a temperature of 60°C.
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